Saucony’s Endorphin Pro 3 and Endorphin Speed 3 Break Boundaries

Saucony, the renowned athletic footwear brand, has introduced the highly anticipated Endorphin Pro 3 and Endorphin Speed 3, the latest additions to the exceptional Endorphin Collection.

The Evolution of Endorphin Collection

The Endorphin Collection made its debut in 2020, capturing widespread acclaim. Tailored to enhance runners’ speed, the collection comprises the top-tier racing shoe, Endorphin Pro, the more budget-friendly speed training variant, Endorphin Speed, and the versatile workhorse, Endorphin Shift. In June 2021, both the Pro and the Speed underwent updates, gaining further popularity, particularly among marathon enthusiasts aiming to achieve personal bests.

Endorphin Pro: Challenging the Norm

Boasting a lightweight upper, an impressive stack of plush foam, and a responsive carbon plate, the Endorphin Pro stands out as a formidable racing shoe. It competes head-to-head with carbon-plated offerings from major competitors like Nike and Adidas. Simultaneously, the versatile Endorphin Speed has become a preferred choice among distance runners for training and racing. Offering slightly more structure than the Pro, the Speed features a nylon plate embedded in the midsole, providing runners with added stability. This flexibility, compared to carbon, ensures a comfortable ride suitable for various running scenarios, from tempo runs to long-distance races.

The Reinvented Speed and Pro: What’s New?

Following the successful launch of the new models in Paris, Saucony’s Product Line Manager, Vincent Harder, shed light on the enhancements made to the Endorphin Pro 3 and Endorphin Speed 3.

Design Philosophy: Speed Redefined

Vincent Harder explains, “Both the Endorphin Pro 3 and Endorphin Speed 3 were designed to be exceptionally fast, catering to competitive runners. The Pro 3 features our super foam, a carbon plate, and a lightweight upper. This new generation of racing shoes is remarkably accessible to a broad range of runners, thanks to increased cushioning, a higher stack, and offset.”

Endorphin Speed 3: Built for Velocity

Harder delineates the Speed 3’s purpose, stating, “The Speed 3 is designed for speed days and up-tempo runs in preparation for race day. With a double mesh upper, it provides additional support on the top of the foot, offering extra structure for the end of a race or run.”

Accessibility and Adaptability

Discussing the carbon plate, Harder notes, “While the Pro’s carbon plate is stiff, making it demanding for non-elite athletes, the Speed 3 employs the same bouncy foam but with a nylon plate. This increased flexibility ensures a more forgiving experience, making it accessible for everyday runs.”

Pro 2 vs. Pro 3: What’s Changed?

Vincent highlights a crucial update, “The key change is the increase in stack height, aligning with new regulations from World Athletics. While this adds some weight, we’ve counteracted it by making the upper ultra-thin and the outsole a mere 1mm thick, ensuring an ultra-light feel.”

Speed 3 Innovations

Harder reveals updates to the Speed 3, stating, “We added wings to the nylon plate, enhancing stability and keeping the foot in the correct position. The slight geometry adjustment and 1mm increase in length contribute to more cushioning and bounce.”

The Advantage of Higher Stack Height

Explaining the benefits, Harder states, “A higher stack height provides more cushioning, ensuring your legs feel less fatigued late in a marathon. It also imparts a bouncy feel, with the cushioning acting as the spring in the shoe, complemented by the carbon plate for optimal performance.”

Stay tuned for a comprehensive review of both the Endorphin Pro 3 and Endorphin Speed 3, as we delve deeper into their performance and impact on the running experience.

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